What’s New With One Of Our Favorite Restaurants: 5 Questions With Living Kitchen

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Photos by Jamey Price

Living Kitchen, the plant-powered vegan restaurant, has spread their name and message across North Carolina by opening two new locations with a third on its way. Living Kitchen was first established in Southend Charlotte and has since expanded to Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and now Southpark. Living Kitchen takes the vegan lifestyle to a whole new level with their organic, plant-based and mostly raw menu. In 2017, they have expanded their products to new locations and vendors, such as Whole Foods, Healthy Home Market, and Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.


What was the process like to get your products in local supermarkets such as Whole Foods?
We approached retailers who shared our focus on high quality and healthy products. Healthy Home Market, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center and Whole Foods Market sell our 5 flavors of Cookie Bites and 3 flavors of our Love Bar, all of which are 100% organic and plant-based.

What are your goals for Living Kitchen in 2017?
Our number one goal is providing our recently opened restaurants the support they need to thrive and we are excited about the imminent launch of our newest location opening this spring in the SouthPark area. The success of our new units will be driven by our effort to recruit a team who cares deeply about our mission and has the experience required to meet our standards of excellence.

How was your first photo contest and do you have plans for future contests?
Our first photo contest was a huge success and so much fun. As we all know, Instagram is taking the world by storm so it’s a fun platform to use for our business. Pictures really help tell our story and customers enjoy the participation. There will definitely be more contests like this in the future.


Living Kitchen

What is it about your products that stand out from others?
In January we launched a new bottle design and a new price for our juices in an effort to stimulate our juice business. Customers have responded positively to the change! We use only organic ingredients, bottle our juices in glass bottles and offer blends that are creative and tasty. We provide something for everyone from the juice novice to the greenest of green juice lovers!

Are you planning on introducing any new dishes this year?
Of course! Our kitchen is always cranking out new recipes which subsequently go through many taste-testing phases behind the scenes. We hope to roll out at least a few new items this year. The Oyster Mushroom BBQ Sliders have definitely been a hit so we’ll be keeping those around for a while!
Living Kitchen Find more and plan your next visit at: livingkitchen.com