Living Kitchen’s Raw Pizza is The Perfect Healthy January Bite

Living Kitchen

To be honest, a “healthy pizza” isn’t always exactly what you’re craving when you think about that saucy, cheese-covered, cross-culturally beloved pie…

But Living Kitchen did what they do best with this new menu item: Take familiar flavor combinations and turn them into something so delightfully refreshing, light, and inventive that you don’t feel like you’re eating a “mock” version of anything. Rather, their mushroom and broccoli pizza is entirely original. The crust is pressed from raw buckwheat, sunflower seed, and flax seed and then topped with a housemade cashew ricotta “cheese” (it works, trust us).

The veggies are Thai-marinated broccoli and oyster mushrooms that have been sprinkled lightly with a Brazil nut parmesan. It’s vegan, raw, and organic like everything Living Kitchen serves up, but first and foremost, it’s darn good.