Local Loaf

Adam Spears of Local Loaf
Adam Spears of Local Loaf

While it takes some people a whole lifetime to figure out what they were put on this earth to do,  at the age of 28, Adam Spears seems to be well ahead of schedule. As the Executive Chef and mastermind behind Local Loaf, he has already accomplished a lot by most peoples’ standards.

Adam grew up in a home where everything revolved around food. Mom had a huge family and loved to cook, and Dad owned a couple of restaurants. Being surrounded by chefs as a kid, the culinary bug bit Adam early as he recalls his first attempt at cooking being “no-bake cookies” (insert irony here). From there, at the young age of 14, he started making his own homemade doughs and breads.

Adam attended Ohio State University on a music scholarship, eventually realizing music was not what he wanted to pursue as a career. He was drawn back to his culinary roots, staying the course ever since. As is the typical progression of even the most famous chefs, Adam has been a journeyman, picking up skills, techniques and honing his craft along the way. From pizza to Mexican  cuisine, from French fare, to barbecue and nearly every genre in between, Adam has done it.

Adam really hit his stride while attending Johnson and Wales here in Charlotte, where he immersed himself in all things bread. In fact he baked bread every single day trying to master the art. While there, he baked under the guidance of one of his inspirations, Chef Harry Peemoeller. Adam recalls, “The guy is a bread fanatic. My first interaction with him, I’ve never seen anyone so ecstatic about their profession in my life. When I met him he had just won a gold medal at a competition and I was like, ‘man I want to be excited about something as much as him.”

And now he is. Adam’s Local Loaf located in the 7th Street Public Market features a whole lot of goodness that we can all be excited about. Primarily a gourmet sandwich shop, Local Loaf features all homeade breads made in-house wrapped around locally and regionally sourced ingredients that have a ton of character and taste. A sure thing is Adam’s Chicken and the Egg Breakfast Sandwich. If you ask Adam how he’s doing, he’ll probably tell you he’s got a long way to go.

Adam has big goals. He wants to have five restaurants by the time he’s 35. From the way things are going, we think he might just get there. For more information on Chef Adam Spears or to see the menu at Local Loaf visit www.localloafcharlotte.com.