‘Tis the Sweetest Season: Maris Ochoa’s Springerle Cookies

Maris Ochoa Springerle
Photo by Jamey Price

Maris Ochoa’s Springerle

This one’s right out of a chilly night at a European Christmas market. Springerle are traditionally German, but that doesn’t stop Maris Ochoa (executive pastry chef of Noble Food & Pursuits) and her Norwegian relatives from making these beauties every year. The dough is pressed into molds of one’s choice, and left out to dry for 12 to 24 hours so that the designs maintain their shape when baked. They can be flavored with spices or dipped in chocolate or marzipan. A sort of blank slate of a cookie, they’re a simple shortbreadiness that comes to life when paired properly: Dip them in something hot. 

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