A Recipe For Mickey And Mooch’s Blue Hawaiian

Mickey and Mooch's Blue Hawaiian
Mickey and Mooch's Blue Hawaiian

Charlotte’s cocktail scene has been maturing at a rapid pace over the last decade and the bartenders of the Queen City are bringing back some of the finest cocktails of the past and combining them with innovative creations. If you are looking for an amazing cocktail look no further than this incredible concoction below, the Blue Hawaiian. Not only is it a delightful drink, but the ingredients list is also minimal and the method is simple, easy enough to replicate for a crowd at your next gathering.

 • 1 oz Bacardi
•  1 oz Malibu
•  ¼ oz Blue Curacao
•  ¼ oz Pineapple Juice

In a cocktail shaker, combine Bacardi, Malibu, and pineapple juice. Shake and pour over blue curacao into martini glass. Garnish with lemon.