If You’re Looking For A New Eatery To Add To Your Routine, We Recommend Napa on Providence

Napa on Providence
Napa on Providence

The Napa region in Northern California produces what is considered to be the best California wines in the world.  “It’s a style, an esthetic, and a feeling. It’s simple, rustic, and earthy,” much like the restaurant Napa-on-Providence located in Charlotte. The restaurant, owned by Charlotte Prime, LLC, specializes in simple, rustic foods that utilize locally grown and seasonal ingredients.  Partnering with Wild Turkey Farms, Tega Hills, Ashley Farms, Prestige Farms, Cloister Honey, and Maple Leaf Farms, Napa-on-Providence also uses Miry Clay Pottery and Tim Fletcher Crafts.  Its inner workings highlight local businesses, demonstrating a strong relationship with community.

Napa's Stuffed Trout With Saffron Vin Blanc
Napa’s Stuffed Trout With Saffron Vin Blanc

The atmosphere at Napa-on-Providence is “simple yet elegant” combined with a “modern twist.”  Using earthy tones and a rustic décor, the restaurant reflects what you would find in Napa.  The wine dispenser technology used allows for the safe keeping “of open bottles of wine for up to 60 days,” thus allowing the restaurant to pour selections no one else in town can,” as well as, assuring “the guest that no matter how long the bottle has been opened, the product will taste just as good as on the first day it was opened.” The restaurant’s California varietals carry an “esoteric” variety that “you would find in other countries but are still represented to the highest quality in California.” Several of the notable brands featured are “Robert Foley, Melka, Smith Madrone, Kennan, T-Vine, Burly, Silver Oak, Shane, and Arista.”

Napa's Kitchen
Napa’s Kitchen

Along with barrel dispensed wine and beer, there is also a “streamlined bar.”  Here you will “not find 20 types of vodka and gin but a full representation of the best styles of spirits and accents for them. Infusing cocktails allows Napa-on-Providence to take “premium spirits and create new tasty drinks with fresh local ingredients.” The bar is viewed just like a kitchen, where “bartenders are essentially chefs” using fine liquor and fresh ingredients to create a balanced drink that pleases the palate.”

Napa's Meatballs and Polenta With Pomodoro Sauce
Napa’s Meatballs and Polenta With Pomodoro Sauce


The kitchen is run by Executive Chef Bob Fox, who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Delgado Culinary School in New Orleans.  After graduating, he interned at Palace Café in New Orleans, moved to the Outer Banks but eventually relocated to Charlotte fourteen years ago. His skill as Chef is proven by Napa-on-Providence’s extensive menu.  Lunch is served Monday-Friday at 11:30, Sunday brunch starts at 10:30, and dinner is every day of the week.  The restaurant closes at various times: Monday-Thursday at 10:00 pm, Friday at 11:00 pm, Saturday 5:00-11:00 pm, and Sunday at 9:00 pm.
When perusing the menu, you will find that Brunch offers such dishes as Napa Benedict, Bananas Foster Waffle, Poached Eggs and Porchetta Hash, Shrimp and Sausage Benedict, Herb Fried Chicken and Waffles, and a Napa Parfait. Other dishes that are an “absolute must try” and that appear on the dinner menu are Poulet Rouge: Ashley Farms roasted half chicken, roasted vegetables, with horseradish pan gravy; Perrin Plate: a charcuterie board served on wood from an oak wine barrel with six options of cheese and six options of meats, served with local cloister honey; Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs made daily and served on crispy ricotta polenta, and Napa Short Ribs: braised beef short ribs, potato puree, baby carrots, haricot verts, and a wild mushroom demi glace.  A full dessert menu is featured on the black boards and are all made in-house. The Crème Brulee and Bread Pudding are two of the most popular.

Napa-on-Providence is a restaurant that appeals to a “broad range of people, from young professionals to seniors in our community. We have something for everyone.  Our price point is under $30.” For further information please visit www.napaonprovidence.com.