NJC Dilworth’s Chicken Liver Pâté

Chicken Liver Paté
Not Just Coffee's Chicken Liver Paté

I’ll be honest — I’m not from the South, and so the words “chicken liver” have never been on the tip of my tongue when it comes to ordering off a menu. But Not Just Coffee hadn’t steered me wrong yet, so when the convincing barista behind the counter assured me I’d like this take on the classic dish, I decided to give it a go. Oh, how wrong I was to prematurely judge this dish by the anatomical ick-factor.

The chicken liver pâté at the full-menu Dilworth location comes served on a crusty sourdough, topped with a briney bite of cornichons and house-pickled onions and carrots. It’s all drizzled with rosemary olive oil for salty, bread-y goodness… no matter the name by which it goes.