Noble Food & Pursuits is Shifting Focus To Feed The Hungry

noble smoke
Jim Noble

Noble Food & Pursuits, the restaurant group behind Rooster’s Wood-Fired Grill, Noble Smoke, Bossy Beulah’s, Copain, and The King’s Kitchen, helmed by Chef Jim Noble, announced that it has shifted its focus from “food” to “pursuits,” in an increased effort to feed the underserved and homeless populations in Charlotte amid COVID-19 crisis.

Explains Chef Noble, owner and founder of Noble Food & Pursuits, “We chose our name so that
we could always keep our dual focus right in front of us. Our team takes great pride and finds
real joy in serving guests at our restaurants, but our most important pursuit has always been
helping those less fortunate in the community.”

The organization aims to provide high-quality, well-balanced meals to those in need and
requires an average of $7 per meal in order to do so. Through the ongoing efforts of King’s
Kitchen and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Dream Center, it is already serving 600 of these each
day, but is hoping that increased donations will enable them to serve upwards of 2,000 meals
per day.

The tax-deductible donations, which can be made online, will be used to provide meals to young
children, teenagers, adults, families, and the elderly. Because many other community groups
are serving breakfast and lunch, Noble Food & Pursuits has chosen to focus primarily on meals
at dinnertime to fill that critical gap. Staff and volunteers deliver these meals directly to those in
need, eliminating the need for recipients to travel in order to eat.

Noble Smoke

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Dream Center formed in 2014, four years after restaurateur Jim
Noble opened his non-profit restaurant concept, The King’s Kitchen, which employs men and
women many would deem unemployable. Profits and proceeds from The King’s Kitchen go
toward feeding the poor and operating the on-site job-training and life-skills development
program at the restaurant.

Those interested in making a donation can do so by visiting