O-Ku Plates Up Their Kiwi Kani Roll

O-Ku has perfected the sushi game.

By offering up some of the freshest fish in the city and the most skilled chefs, the Charleston-original hotspot has become the place to post up at the sushi bar to take in the show. The sushi experts, friendly and engaging, plate their dishes beautifully, with a variety of surprisingly unique ingredients in the always-evolving rolls.

The Kiwi Kani roll is an O-Ku signature – built off of buttery crab and avocado, it’s a little bit sweet from the thick slices of colorful fruit, and, when finished with black tobiko roe, gets a pop of balancing salty flavor. It’s light, summery, and refreshing, a roll meant for deep devotees and newbies alike. Get your chopsticks out.