Ramen Soul’s Spicy Lamb Gyoza

ramen soul

It should come as little surprise that Ramen Soul is probably going to come to be known for its ramen. It’s true: The latest venture from Tim and Melanie Groody (the couple behind Fork! in Cornelius), the Mooresville establishment looks to be a self-aware, hip spot to scarf down bowls of spicy noodles. And true to form, Groody’s ramen delivers…but it’s the ever-alluring dumpling options that have us hooked.

Ramen Soul's Spicy Lamb Gyoza

Take this house-made Spicy Lamb Gyoza, for example: Gyoza doesn’t usually involve lamb shank, and Groody knows this. Several options on his menu embrace the not-so-Asian meat option, to great addictive effect: Tender lamb shank, melding with fresh herbs and togarashi spice, hides inside wraps browned just-right. Garnished with a heaping of scallions and served alongside some deliciously mysterious soy dipping sauce, these bad boys are designed to be the lake community’s new addiction.