Smoke Modern Barbeque
Smoke Modern Barbeque

Smoke Modern Barbeque features dressed up, down home barbeque served in a hip, casual setting. At Smoke, they’re applying modern day attitudes about food to the traditional technique of barbeque and giving it their own spin. The style is still authentic, but there’s no limit to the variety. Here guests can enjoy regional favorites like Kansas City Style burnt ends or dry-rubbed St. Louis style ribs.

Smoke’s barbeque is unique due to the flavor of the smoke, the meat and the rubs.

Their five homemade barbeque sauces are very complex and designed to complement the various meats as well as the rubs. They lean towards serving their sauces on the side so that guests taste the rub and the meat first before adding their choice of sauce or a combination of their favorites. It creates a symphony of flavors with each bite a little bit different than the last.

Cooked low and slow over hickory and fruitwood, guests can expect traditional favorites like pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked sausage, smoked chicken and pork spareribs.  Made from scratch mac-n-cheese (four kinds), steaks, smoked prime rib, awesome sandwiches and unique salads are on the line up as well.

An impressive liquor chandelier greets you when you first walk in the door near the bar, letting you know they are serious about their beverage program too. Smoke pays homage to the classics with 10 classic cocktails, 10 signature “modern” cocktails and 10 signature martinis.

Smoke’s entire wine list has been developed to pair perfectly with their barbeque. The depth of flavor in the barbeque is brought out with each wine selected. Smoke carries small producer, boutique wines that all go great with the food.  All their beverages are truly unique to Smoke,  taking the bar as well as the food to a new, modern level.