‘Tis the Sweetest Season: Stagioni’s Gelato Sandwich


When it comes to desserts, we all love tradition – the proverbial slice of pumpkin pie after a Thanksgiving meal, the familiar flavor of birthday cake after a year full peaks and valleys—but after a taste of Stagioni’s gelato cookie, we’re willing to make an exception to the laws of what traditional desserts should look like.

The Stagioni Gelato Sandwich takes the conventional strawberry cheesecake and elevates it into a transcendent blend of a classic cookie sandwich and the decadent Grecian dessert. Nestled between Stagioni’s homemade graham cracker macarons sits a delicate cheesecake gelato that is sure to seduce your senses. With the finishing dollop of diced strawberries along each upturned half of the sandwich—the proverbial cherries on top—the Stagioni Gelato Sandwich effectively spins the classic sliced strawberry cheesecake into a modern circle of deliciousness, and  promises to teach each tongue that tastes it just what it’s been missing in this world.