Ballantyne just got a whole lot sweeter. After identifying a booming donut market, former health care marketer Kathi Alexander started serving fresh, handcrafted pastries out of a food truck. When her donuts were met with rave reviews, Alexander decided to take the leap, opening her new retail space on Elm Lane where her delicious treats sell out daily.

Sink your teeth into exquisite mouthwatering donuts and experience the most delicious moment of your life when you make a stop at Sugar for dessert. Devoid of any preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors, Sugar’s gourmet donuts are all rolled and handcrafted into perfection from scratch. Each of their heavenly glazes, jellies, custards, and toppings are handmade with the highest quality ingredients bought from local North Carolina farms. In addition, their donuts are fried in a special rice oil to ensure that you do not taste or feel the oiliness that other donuts in the market possess. You are guaranteed to feel pleasantly delighted upon tasting the flavors of Sugar’s scrumptious donuts every time.

Kathi Alexander, the owner of Sugar, makes sure that each and every one of her customers feels nothing but delight as they savor the flavor of her delicious donuts. Kathi proudly proclaims, “We have been so pleased to see people’s enthusiasm and love for our donuts.  I think people see that we are completely unlike the mass produced large chain donuts that we have all grown up with.  Our handcrafted donuts are fresh, delicious pastries—that happen to be donuts.” Her donut recipes are inspired by the trendiest food items on the market, including her most popular sweet and savory maple bacon donut. Another delectable favorite is her enticing vanilla bean donut, which is her take on the traditional glazed donut but with an extra oomph of flavor. The donuts that are filled to the brim with jellies or custards are also a huge hit with customers as well, oozing both in flavor and deliciousness. “These are donuts that your grandmother could have made,” Kathi mentions in regards to her recipes, “only we apply a more modern flair to the traditional donut.” Other tasty donut flavors include Southern Banana Pudding, Caramel Cinnamon, Chocolate Salted Caramel, Raspberry Glaze, and many more palatable options on their glorious menu to satisfy your taste buds.

These are donuts that your grandmother could have made.

Sugar started out as a small food truck business developed by Kathi and her partner just a little over a year ago. The popularity of their donut food truck had prompted them to open a permanent retail store in Charlotte after a year of being in business. Their team, which is quickly growing, consists are four pastry chefs and a kitchen team who ensures that their customers experience nothing but a wonderful time upon visiting their store. Although it has not been set in stone, Kathi has mentioned that the continued success of Sugar will determine another possible location in the Charlotte area in the future. So far, Sugar has experienced massive sellouts of their tasty pastries within the first two weeks of opening at their new location, signifying a bright future for all donut lovers. You can try out Sugar’s delectable donuts for yourself at their store location in 11914 Elm Lane in Charlotte, North Carolina, and see why it is known as the #1 donut store in Charlotte.

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