Take A Sip of The Cellar’s Blackberry Mezcal

The Cellar

It hits the nose first.

In their Blackberry Mezcal, The Cellar barkeeps balance the tartness of blackberry and lime with some sugar and a splash of soda… but there’s no balancing the head-turning smokiness that gives the drink its base. Lunazul Primero—a smooth, smooth tequila that’s aged in American white oak barrels for 18 months—and Del Maguey mezcal take the place of the usual helping of vodka. The ginger stays, of course; no mule is a mule without it. A copper-bound blend of a little bit of tart with a whole lot of smoke, this one’s for the mezcal lovers for sure. It’s not your standard mule by any means but it’s damn sure got a kick.