The Hot Box

The Hot Box Food Truck
The Hot Box Food Truck

Why did you decide to go the Food Truck route to spread your culinary gospel?

Gospel –  I like that . I was doing personal chef work and catering and loved it, but I missed that restaurant sweat and pressure. I had offers in DC and Atlanta but honestly I wanted to work for myself here in Charlotte.  So, with the help of family, I created my own job.

What is the #1 go to item on the menu that you have become known for?

Our menu changes so much, but our Risotto Fritters are always on the box, and our Reuben is also a constant. When I first started we did a Ramen dish that was delicious, and in May it returns and Chef Chris has upped the ante and is making our Ramen from scratch.

The Hot Box
The Hot Box

What are some of your favorite items on the menu?

On our current menu it’s a close race between the Beef Udon hot pot, and the Chorizo Corndog, but Chris and Bou laugh because every chance I get, I eat beans and rice.

How do you come up with the menu? Does the menu change often and if so how often and based on what?

It changes a lot. The changes are based on a lot of things – based off of sales, season, mood, and product availability. Our winter menu was more labor intensive during service and now going into spring , prep will be heavier but the service will be faster and has to be faster because, as we like to think, spring and summer are food truck season.

Where can our readers typically find the Hotbox parked around Charlotte and when?

We are constantly on the move. Our regular spots are Tuesdays at Cambridge Office Park 11-2, Atherton Mill Farmers Market Saturdays 11:30-3, NoDa Brewing Saturday 5-10. We also make regular appearances at Food Truck Friday.

How would you describe the type of food you serve on the truck in three words or less?

Diverse, bold, and delicious.

What separates your food from the other food trucks in and around Charlotte?

The people that work in the food truck. I hired people that I can learn from and that can learn a little bit from me. It’s a team effort every day.

The Hot Box
The Hot Box

Why do you think the food truck phenomenon has grown so much in general and specifically in Charlotte?

Charlotte is trendy and on the move. It’s a city with so much potential and it seems to be embracing the trucks, but only time will tell if it’s truly sustainable. I think we and the industry are!

What’s your newest creation that you are planning on serving out of the Hot Box that our readers need to be on the lookout for?

Our Summer Ramen and the Pork Belly KimChi Steamed Bun sliders. No doubt some of the best food people will taste this Food Truck season.

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