Gourmet S’mores are Coming to Charlotte with The Toasting Company

The Toasting Company
Photos provided by The Toasting Company

For many, the mention of s’mores brings back memories of late autumn nights in North Carolina backyards, of campfires and sticky hands, the smell of burned sugar and smoke. For Louisa Cacchione, they bring back the memories of a hike. At age five, Cacchione listened as her father promised her and her sister a marshmallow treat if they walked all eleven miles to the peak of Mount LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains. After two s’mores, the siblings passed out, cementing their love of the messy treat in their dreams. Now seventeen, Cacchione seeks to bring that bit of nostalgia to Charlotte’s food scene with her new mobile food cart business, The Toasting Company. 

“For most people,” says Cacchione, “s’mores mean happiness. They mean laughing around a bonfire with friends on a fall night, relaxing by the fireside on a weekend camping trip. Our goal is to help our customers recall the warm, happy memories they have when enjoying a s’more, and enhance this feeling by presenting them a gourmet, handmade take on the classic treat.” 

Using premium ingredients, The Toasting Company creates their graham crackers and marshmallows from scratch, eliminating the overly processed flavor that comes from traditional s’mores. Customers can choose from a variety of gourmet flavors, including cinnamon bun and salted caramel, then watch as the cart operator toasts their marshmallow to perfection using a hand-held kitchen torch. Foregoing a larger food truck in favor of a mobile cart, The Toasting Company offers customers the option to not only buy a s’more wherever the cart is parked, but also to rent out the company’s services in full and use them at events. 

The Toasting Company

The Toasting Company’s “Grand Toasting” will be held sometime in October, after which customers can expect to see their s’mores cart popping up at various fall festivals and food truck rallies. 

“We hope that when serving up our s’mores,” says Cacchione, “our customers are able to take our love and share it with the friends, family, and even strangers who may cross their path. Because what’s better to do with love than to share it with everyone?” 

Visit the Toasting Company’s website or Facebook page for more information as their opening date draws near.