The Ultimate Guide To The Best Wild Game And Seafood Dishes In Charlotte

Game Dishes
Game Dishes

Over the last year we’ve tasted hundreds of mouth-watering bites from the finest restaurants in Charlotte and when it comes to wild game and seafood it gets no better than these dishes.


Barrington’s Rabbit Stew

Highly anticipated throughout the year, this winter dish sets the bar high with the tenderest of meats and delicate flavors.

Kindred’s Gnocci

Soft, melt-in-your-mouth woodsy but spicy bites showcase the rabbit sugo and green curry.

Heritage Food And Drink’s Arancini

A dichotomy of crisp and soft textures highlight the quail. Blue cheese, and a little acidity complete the dish. Chef Paul Verica is a genius.

5Church Lamb Burger

Since the mega-restaurants inception this has been the meal of choice by our staff at QCExclusive. Classic strong flavors enhanced by the gorgonzola on a delicious sesame bun.

Fig Tree’s Ostrich

Tender and lean, the ostrich filet at The Fig Tree delivers a sophisticated punch with an often unused protein. More like mignon, memorable and flavorful, than say, your average clucker. A very impactful dish.

Soul Gastrolounge’s Lamb Lollipops

Probably not the first time you’ve read about one of Plaza Midwood’s go-to dishes, but these little lamb racks are delicate, earthy bites.

Gallery’s Elk Tenderloin

Not once have we experienced a bad bite at Gallery, but it’s safe to say their elk loin, a lean cut  with distinct flavors is one of the best bites around.

Rooster’s Grilled Duck

Duck is notorious for being fatty, but at Rooster’s its just rich and cooked to perfection over wood.

Asbury Venison Loin

An incredibly wild dish, this loin by Chef Chris Coleman features the distinct sharp flavors of the venison paired triumphantly with turnip puree, figs, mushroom, and mustard.

ZEbra’s Lamb Tenderloins

With a dish as rich as this, smothered in Swiss Chard and a  mushroom ragoût how can you go wrong.

Draughts’ Third Ward Special

A French Dip sans beef, add sumptuous, salty, crispy, yet tender, duck creates a favorite sammy.


A dish that you would eat at your long lost French grandma’s house in the countryside. Confit duck leg, braised pork and sausage to die for. Truly nourriture délicieuse.



kindred’s Squid Ink Conchiglie

A dish well received since their inception, and that has garnered national notoriety for Chef Joe.

Dogwood Southern Table Shrimp & Grits

Rich, local, cooked-to-perfection Anson Mills grits, large shrimp, and an herbed beurre blanc. Yum!

Evoke’s Scallop Crudo

Straight forward, the natural flavors of the scallop are on full display. It is paired elegantly with natural elements like fennel and pine nuts.

Fahrenheit Grilled & Glazed Salmon

Delicate and flaky, with hints from Asia including wasabi and saikyo miso.

Futo Buta’s FIRE AND ICE

Risky but rewarding featuring kimchi broth, hot smoked salmon, and fresh mint.

Cellar At Duckworth’s WAFFLE CONES

Growing in popularity, this presentation of ponzu poke tuna in housemade waffle cones is a winner.


Hickory wood smoke and an herb aioli with kale salad deliver robust, classic flavors.