‘Tis the Oyster Season


With a new season, comes a new menu at Charlotte’s famed 5Church. One of the standouts gracing this season’s menu is this absolutely decadent recipe featuring broiled oysters, quail eggs, Anson Mills grits, and black truffle.

  2 each oysters, on the half shell
  1.5 oz creamy anson mills grits
  2 each quail eggs
  1 pinch grated parmesan
  1 small black truffle
  2 drops, black truffle oil
  1 pinch, Bulls Bay, Red Marsh

Place the oysters on an oven safe dish. Spoon the grits into each oyster to create a dam at the lip of the oyster. In the reservoir crack a quail egg into each oyster being careful not to break the yolk. Put a half pinch of parmesan on top of each quail egg and place the dish under the broiler until the quail egg just starts to to set. This should take approximately 30 seconds but this depends on how hot your broiler is and how far the oysters are from the flame.  Remove from the broiler and garnish the tops with a drop of truffle oil, pinch of the red marsh salt and a shaving of black truffle. Serve to your guests and watch them enjoy!

For a bit more info, visit www.5church.com.