Turkey Day Tablesetting

Eight Thanksgiving tips to make your tablesetting look almost as delicious as the food served on it.

A bountiful table is a must on Thanksgiving so don’t be afraid to go for broke with your centerpiece. Large colorful pieces that get your guests into the spirit of the holidays are more than appropriate. Items that you may want to include are seasonal flowers, gourds, pumpkins, brass, and wooden fixtures. The flowers and gourds evoke the colors of the season, adding a pop of hue, texture and sophistication.

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to break out your heirloom pieces – the silver that has been passed down to you from your grandparents or great grandparents – and show them off to your guests. It’s a symbolic feature that adds to the spirit of the holiday and the dynamicism of your table. If you don’t have enough pieces mix and match with stainless ware

Plates & Servingware

We love white plates and servingware because they allow all the colorful features of your centerpiece and place settings to stand out. We also like white because of how clean they are before dinner is served and how they allow the colors of all the tasty holiday entrees and fixins’ to pop once dinner is served. Good alternatives to white plates and platters are silver. Remember that mixing and matching styles and shapes of your plating can add yet another eye-popping feature to your table.


A white linen or cloth table cloth has its many benefits. It’s a classic look that is both simple and sophisticated and lets the rest of your table shine. If you want to diversify choose an autmn color or a simply patterned table cloth that represents the seasonal qualities of fall. Be careful though because if you don’t select wisely your table could look over themed. In regards to napkins, never use paper towels or paper napkins on Turkey Day, period. You want your once-a-year celebration to impress your family and friends and cloth napkins with natural rings or accessories like leaves of chestnuts can really bring your setting together. Adding rustic elements like burlap, leather cordage, and hemp can really finish the look.


A printed menu at every setting is just one of the many small details that really adds that special touch to the overall guest experience. When your family and friends sit down at the table they instantly know what is being served and can start getting excited about the delicious dishes about to be offered. You can order most of them online a week or two before the holidays and use the various online templates to make the design sophisticated and easy.


For many of us, Thanksgiving is a time to be with your family, but for some who live far from family and friends the holidays can be a little tough. If you know anyone that has these circumstances feel free to invite them to your feast. Invitations are easy to design and send online, can get you a head count for your turkey day celebration, and can make your guests feel welcome and at home.


Turn down the overhead lights (not all the way off, of course) and add some extra illumination to your table in a more traditional way. Incorporating beautiful candles and candle holders that fit in with your theme can improve the overall ambiance of the dining experience and brighten up the aesthetic of your table.
Give Thanks

Decorate your table with the meaning of the holiday by sharing the things you, as the host, are grateful for. Leave a special note at each place sitting that lets each guest know how thankful you are for them in particular. You can also incorporate “Thankful” cards and have each of your guests write down what they are thankful for and share it with the group. When the dinner is over and your guests leave you can decorate your trees, wreaths, and other decor with the comment cards and keep the holiday spirit alive.

Side Bar

Turkey Day feasts are extravagant, so you may not have room on your table for everything. Use a side bar or buffett for extras from the appetizers and charcuteries to self service punches and cocktails.