A Swedish Tradition with a Local Spin: Whisk + Wood’s Kanelbullar

Christina Morita of Whisk + Wood whips up a wide variety of pastries and desserts, some perfectly nostalgic, like her chocolate chip cookies, and some more exotic, like the beautifully knotted Kanelbullar. She took a few minutes away from the kitchen to tell us about this unique dessert.

CM: I first heard about Kanelbullar from a Swedish friend while flipping through a cookbook she’d brought from her home of Sweden to share with me.  I was inspired by its significance in Swedish culture, its uniquely beautiful, knotted form and its flavor profile, so I began experimenting with recipes.

I might’ve started this process with her recipe book had it been in English, but of course it wasn’t. I picked my friend’s brain about Kanelbullar, the concept of Fika (the Swedish mid-day coffee break during which Kanelbullar is a staple) and watched 100 Swedish videos online until I felt ready to get going.

In order to develop the Whisk + Wood recipe for Kanelbullar, I used my basic enriched dough recipe, added cardamom and cinnamon, left it to rise, then rolled out the dough, and spread it with butter. From there, the dough gets folded, knotted, and left to rise a second time before it’s baked.

These sweet rolls are special to me because of their unique form, their flavor (I can’t get enough cardamom), and because I respect what they represent in Swedish culture; regularly taking time to slow down and appreciate the simple beauty in life. Even the process of forming these rolls, which refuses to be rushed, affords me the opportunity to do just that… to slow down and enjoy the simple things.

Find Whisk + Wood baked goods at Clean Juice and the Atherton Not Just Coffee location or visitwhiskandwood.com