It’s Unlike Any Other – Go Try Bistro la Bon’s Paella

Bistro la Bon

Bistro la Bon’s take on the classic Spanish paella does exactly what you’d hope it would: it takes the staple elements of the dish – aromatic saffron, fluffy, buttery rice, perfectly-cooked meat – and does them perfectly, but it also puts an original, fresh twist on the finished product. Bistro la Bon went the seafood route with this plate, using a combination of lobster tail, littleneck clam, shrimp, mussels, octopus, and calamari… in other words, all the shellfish and seafood you could possibly hope for in one place.

Some paella lovers insist each meat should be pulled from the dish and enjoyed separately, on its own. Others love the mixta element of paella, combining flavors and textures for the ultimate experience. Either way you choose to dig in, the dish known on the Bistro menu as their “Spanish Saffron Rice” makes for a refreshingly worldly meal.