Chef William Dissen of Charlotte Defeats Gordon Ramsay on Nat Geo

Gordon Ramsay on Nat Geo
Gordon Ramsay on Nat Geo

Chef Gordon Ramsay, the world renowned culinary multi-hyphenate best known for highly successful and award-winning original programming, host of the Nat Geo show GORDON RAMSAY: UNCHARTED, was defeated on the show’s July 4th “Smoky Mountains” episode by legendary farm-to-table restaurateur Chef William Dissen of The Market Place, Haymaker and Billy D’s Fried Chicken restaurants.

Chef Dissen, a sustainability and farm-to-table restaurant icon and culinary diplomat, showcased his region’s most awe-inspiring organic food and rich cultural heritage, leaving fans on the edge of their seats when he finished the episode with a win over the previously undefeated multi-Michelin-star Chef Ramsay.

Following a day’s worth of non-stop adventure, Chef Dissen went head-to-head with Chef Ramsay as they prepared multiple courses from wild crayfish and hen of the woods mushrooms, to local Sunburst Trout and Benton’s Country Ham. After the show’s judges had the chance to taste their food, they chose Chef Dissen as the winner over the Michelin starred chef. Chef Ramsay praised William’s dishes and called him, “one of the best chefs in the country and one of the most sustainable chefs on the planet.”

Fans tuning into the show for the first time are in for a treat. Under the guidance of Chef Dissen, and the local experts Dissen arranged for Chef Ramsay to meet along the way, the remaining portion of the episode features Ramsay taking part in culinary customs that taught him about the delicacies and fresh flavors unique to the Smoky Mountain region. First, Ramsay rappelled down a waterfall only to meet Chef Dissen, and together, kayak on the Green River in search of crayfish.

Then, he raced in a Corvette in search of making moonshine with Howling Moon Distillery, foraged for wild hen of the wood mushrooms with renown forager Alan Muskat, created fresh hominy from Malia of the Cherokee Nation, and livermush wit Matt Helms from The Chop Shop. Every ingredient Ramsay harvested, dish he tasted and person he met, inspired Chef Ramsay to create a recipe from scratch that represents the heart of that culture. During the episode William tells Ramsay he will need a truck to drive through the rugged mountains and offers it as a bet against Ramsay, who would fly Dissen and his family to London to eat at his namesake – Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

Catch the episode of Chef Dissen and Gordon Ramsay on Nat Geo TV or Disney +.