FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING opens at Anne Neilson Fine Art

Anne Neilson Fine Art welcomes you to celebrate interconnectivity and the perseverance of the human spirit in the gallery’s seven year anniversary exhibition, FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING, open through June 23. Featuring seven artists who illuminate the beauty of the human form, the exhibit showcases brand new works by Caroline Boykin, Pam Moxley, Paul Day, Nick DeMarsico, Lisa Moore, and is honored to introduce two new artists to the gallery’s roster, Lisa Noonis and Jacob Dhein.

Lisa Noonis, With Love, My Love

Lisa Noonis captures the essence of objects, figures, and spaces with an ever-evolving, abstract style that embraces color, shape, and line. “I am equally interested in the materiality of media and the emotional registers of color and mark,” says Noonis, “and my goal is to invite the viewer to participate in narratives that transcend my preliminary subjects.” From her historic studio in Kittery, Maine, Noonis works in oils, latex, acrylic, and graphite, often experimenting with tools like squeegees and oversized paintbrushes, and is represented by galleries from coast to coast.

Since early childhood, Jacob Dhein has been interested in art, spending countless hours at play crafting intricate drawings and paintings. Dhein’s paintings celebrate the beauty of the human figure through his particular stylistic dance between realism and abstraction. Movement is evinced by vigorous brushstrokes, buttery palette-knife dabs of paint, and improvised drips and streaks.