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No matter what your goal is when it comes to marketing your business — brand identity for a new business, brand recognition for an existing, sales generation, lead acquisitions, customer or public relations — we have a marketing solution for you. Our brand, pulling knowledge from a combined 40 years of marketing and advertising experience, was built to be agile, flexible, and accommodating. Our catalogue of offerings, from traditional print advertising to sponsored content, from social media partnerships to online opportunities, and even event support and social channel management, allows us to cover a wide range of desired platforms and hit the clientele you want to reach. Below you can learn a little bit about our magazine, see our updated media kit, and for those that want to talk directly with us about other marketing options we offer, you’ll find a contact link. Simply click for marketing inquiries, fill out the brief form, and we will get back to you soon. And really we’re here to help, so let us know how we can. Thanks for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Some quick numbers just to confirm what you already know!

• Global advertising spending is expected to surpass $560B in 2020.

• 84% of people expect brands to advertise and create content.

• Over 40% of consumers have made a purchase in the last 3 months due to a print piece they received or picked up.

• Over 55% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method.

• 49% of customers first try a business because of print advertising.

• People spend 25% more when print is used in combination with online marketing.

• 50% of all businesses are using sharers/influencers like @qcexclusive to promote their business.

• The four most popular display ad types are, in order, print, online banners, sponsored content, and social media ads. We offer them all.

Marketing is one of the most important investments you can make.

Marketing Inquiries

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In 2011 QC Exclusive had a vision to transform the Charlotte magazine landscape. The goal was to create a well-curated, thought-provoking magazine focused on providing a glimpse into the luxury life that makes this city great. From exquisite dishes to world-class destinations, the art of architects to the curators of galleries, we deliver the very best of our city’s unique culture to the city’s most educated and successful readers through distribution to a highly-targeted and engaged niche. We are the quintessential Charlotte luxury magazine. But, we’re also a lifestyle brand here in the city and we offer a variety of mediums to cover your marketing needs. If you need information on any of our products or want to talk with one of us about partnering with us please click on the “marketing inquiries” link. For those who would like to see our magazine, feel free to download our media kit below. Thank you!