Resident Culture’s Thunder Stud Is Beer Done Right

Summer in CLT

Though it’s been in business for less than a year, Plaza Midwood’s Resident Culture Brewing Company has a well-won reputation for its ever-evolving selection of IPAs. As far as I’m concerned, they haven’t brewed a bad one yet… and their Thunder Stud may just be one of my favorites.

Citrusy with a light tartness that complements the subtly bitter notes, this American Double is all orangey aroma and summer flavor. The Resident Culture taproom graciously offers half-pours, making beer-testing sessions undeniably easier… but you’ll probably want a full pint of this distinctly cloudy brew. A beverage that manages to cleverly hide its alcohol with light carbonation and abundant flavor, Thunder Stud both refreshes and (with an ABV of 8.3) provides enough of a kick to improve any summer afternoon.

You can take it home, too—it comes in cans.