Capturing the Queen City: 15 Charlotte Photographers

Charlotte photographer Justin potter
Justin Potter

The iconic Uptown skyline is in a constant state of flux. New buildings rise, cranes come and go, and the ever-changing city lights never fail to reflect the heartbeat of its people. Unsurprisingly, Charlotte is a creative city, home to artists, visionaries, and storytellers. Below are 15 Charlotte photographers who continue to bear witness to the city’s growth via their art. Through Instagram, they document Charlotte’s evolution, its people, and its emblematic silhouette. 

Alex Souder & Mallory Harris 


Alex Souder and Mallory Harris are dynamic Charlotte photographers. Their roots are heavily entrenched in landscape and cityscape photography, as evidenced by their joint Instagram account. Over the years, the couple realized that they find great joy in photographing people in love. Besides epic shots of Charlotte, they now shoot weddings and engagement sessions.

Andrew Weber 


Andrew Weber is a Charlotte photographer, videographer, and podcast host. His photos are intimate and raw. Weber has the uncanny ability to capture honest, everyday glimpses of the Queen City and those who inhabit it. When he’s not out shooting, he hosts the podcast “Those In Our CLT Community,” which highlights different Charlotte locals who are making an impact at home.

Brian Twitty


Brian Twitty is an award-winning Charlotte photographer with a diverse portfolio. His work has graced the pages of national publications as well as the halls of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center and the Bechtler Museum. Twitty describes himself as an avid skateboarder, snowboarder, and musician with a penchant for all things vinyl and vintage.

Cody Carlson 


Cody Carlson is a self-taught photographer who specializes in urban lifestyle photography, portraits, and landscapes. Over the last 6 years, Carlson has perfected his craft. His Instagram features architectural shots of Uptown and long exposures from different parts of the Queen City, with portraits sprinkled throughout. 

Cody Hughes 


Cody Hughes is the owner and operator of Point of Hues, a photography company that specializes in real estate, engagement, sports, and portrait photography. Hughes has worked professionally with the Carolina Panthers, Greystar, the Charlotte Knights, and Toyota. His Instagram is packed with epic shots of the Uptown skyline, glimpses from the Bank of America Stadium, and photos from his travels across the world.

Jamey Price 


As a motorsport and automotive photographer, Jamey Price lives life in the fast lane. The Charlottean was named the 2019 Motorsport Photographer of the Year by the National Motorsports Press Association. When he’s not traveling the world photographing fast-moving vehicles, he doubles as the staff photographer for QC Exclusive.

Charlotte photographer jut

Justin McErlain


Justin McErlain, aka “Uncle Jut,” is a well-known Charlotte photographer, videographer, and storyteller. He specializes in commercial photography but also dabbles in lifestyle, travel, adventure, and portraiture work. McErlain’s photos have an idiosyncratic moodiness to them that never fail to set a unique tone. Check out his website to view his documentation of the 2020 George Floyd protests in Uptown.

Charlotte photographer Justin potter

Justin Potter 


Justin Potter is a Charlotte-based photographer with an uncanny ability to capture the raw beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When he’s not out photographing the Carolina landscape, Potter works as a body fabricator for Stewart-Haas Racing. While he loves landscape, wedding, engagement, and lifestyle photography, his true passion lies in motorsport photography.

Kevin Young 


Kevin Young is an expert videographer, photographer, and drone operator. Young is the founder of The 5 and 2 Project, a company that specializes in visual storytelling. His Instagram showcases his awesome aerial abilities with his stunning shots of Charlotte. Aside from his creative endeavours, Young is the co-founder of “Speed For Need,” a nonprofit organization that aims to make fitness events accessible to those with special needs.

Charlotte photographer Kyo nam

Kyo Nam


Kyo Nam is a Charlotte-based photographer who seeks to capture the “raw beauty of everyday life.” He began his photography journey in 2011. Over the past ten years, Nam has traveled the United States wilderness, published a Korean language book, titled “Youth Deviation,” and has established himself as a sought-after Queen City creative. 

Laura Wolff 


Photographer Laura Wolff knows Charlotte sports. Wolff is the official team photographer for the Charlotte Knights, a game day photographer for the Carolina Panthers, and a live content correspondent for the NFL at Bank of America Stadium. When she’s not on the gridiron or the ball field, she can be found photographing weddings and lifestyle shoots. 

Charlotte photographer mike Anthony

Mike Anthony

Mike Anthony is a photographer who loves to travel, take aerial photos with his drone, and capture the Charlotte skyline in all its glory. He, alongside his wife, Heather, run a photography business called Luminous Photography (@luminousfotos) where they specialize in wedding and lifestyle photography. They have even won accolades for their work that include the WeddingWire Couples Choice Award.

Charlotte photographer gelbach

Myles Gelbach


If you have an Instagram, chances are you’ve seen his work. Myles Gelbach has made a name for himself in the Queen City by capturing Uptown and all its angles. The Charlotte native grew up watching in awe as the city expanded and evolved. He attributes his love of architecture and architectural photography to this. Besides cityscapes, Gelbach also enjoys landscape photography.

Noah Holzberg


Noah Holzberg was born in Miami, has lived in Hong Kong, and is a 2019 graduate of University of South Carolina. Today, the drone photographer calls Charlotte home. Through his travels, Holzberg has gained an appreciation for the world and is driven to capture its beauty through photography. It’s his goal to document the ever-evolving skyline of the Queen City. 

Prakash Ganipineni


Prakash Ganipineni has an eye for urban architecture. An avid traveler, Ganipineni loves to capture the cities he visits. His Instagram is an amalgamation of stunning shots of the Blue Ridge Mountains, waterfalls, and iconic skylines, including our very own. When he’s not out photographing the country, he works as a software engineer.

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