Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery’s Legacy Looms Large In The Queen City

Coffey & Thompson

Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery is one of the few Charlotte galleries that has survived the test: With an ever-growing arts community, not many galleries can boast to have been among the first to ever open in the Queen City.  The frame shop and arts gallery opened its doors in 1946, and today Coffey & Thompson has over seventy years of experience assisting art lovers in Uptown.

While the business changed owners in 2015, Lauri Dewhurst-Summers has maintained an impressive repertoire of services for her customers. Coffey & Thompson has become more than just a gallery by offering original fine art pieces for sale, limited edition print etching, commission sculptures, paintings, restoration, and even custom framing.

The gallery started as a frame shop, and custom framing remains a crucial part of the business.

“Frames,” Lauri insists, “can make or break a good or bad piece of art.” Lauri, whose “first love is interior design,” has even expanded the business to offer design services for her clients.

Even so, the best-kept secret of Coffey & Thompson isn’t the art, but the warm hospitality of its staff. Whether you’re attending a gallery crawl or one of their hosted poetry readings, Coffey & Thompson is sure to entertain and delight. Walk on in, you’ll feel welcomed, and surely find that must-have piece for your home, or even find help restoring an old one.

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