Grit & Grace: Thoughts From Charlotte Interior Designer Lisa Sherry

Lisa Sherry Interior Designer

Notes from the QCE Team: In moments of changes, disruption, and confusion, we are always moved to see the connections, big and small, amongst and between people. In this series, we will feature the thoughts of Charlotteans: How they’re navigating these times, what’s hard, what’s easy, and what’s next in their own words.

Charlotte Interior Designer Lisa Sherry is a leader and a collaborator; the creative principal on each and every LSI design commission from her studio in Charlotte. Her style is effortless, chic, and clean, and we are always thrilled to see her latest projects.

Words by: Lisa Sherry

What I’m learning during the pandemic:

“Twenty-seconds and six feet are the new units of measurement. These time and space parameters are now second nature to me as a result of frequent (and proper) hand washing and social distancing!

Choose creativity over COVID. I think our responses to these times are telling. My son, who lives in Seattle, is in biotech by day, but loves to flex his creative muscle in graphic design as a side passion. He created and marketed a Seattle Survives tee-shirt with 100% of proceeds to the Seattle Foundation, a Covid19 emergency assistance fund. Let’s just say he’s on his second printing. So proud. Many of my upholstery workrooms are now in the mask making business. Others have started community care groups. Neighbors instituted an outdoor movie night with bring-your-own-popcorn and tape-masked 6-feet leeways. As a little aside, l’ve learned to concoct dishes based on what’s in my pantry.

Creativity is a spark that energizes and unites – in little and big ways. Every flicker matters.

The power of home hits home. Back in the early days of the pandemic – so maybe all of three weeks ago – a client shared some wonderful photos of she and her family sheltering in place at home. She said they couldn’t imagine a better place to be, that the rooms I created were places of togetherness and joy. So, the power of home really hit home. I see the deeper meaning of creating not only beautiful spaces, but also those that are functional and uplifting, now more than ever. More clients reached out with similar stories and images,
and I’m sharing the snapshots on Instagram with the hashtag #stayhomeLSI. It’s so rewarding to see my rooms in real time, real life.

Flexibility and Creativity

It’s business as un-usual. We have a flurry of new norms! I am an embracer of change, but this pandemic challenges even the most seasoned shape shifters. I am so grateful to my clients, my team and my vendors – for flexibility and creativity – there’s that word again. Some projects have paused. Some clients are eager to move forward. My team and I are now Zoom experts. We feel as connected as ever as we shelter at home. My vendors continue to ship and provide samples, as they can, and have also upped their digital games. If we missed any beats, we’re all discovering new rhythms to keep things humming.

Practice grit and grace. I love a good juxtaposition. I had just founded my firm when the housing crisis hit way back when. I believe in grit, flexibility and determination in tough times – nor surrender. I bring that warrior mindset to COVID-19. I know we will not only survive, but flourish. Simultaneously, I feel the power of letting go – slowing down, quietly connecting with the people I love, not always fueling up the car to go, go, go. So, grit and grace: managing that balancing act fills my days!”

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