A New Outdoor Exhibit from The Mint Museum

New Exhibit Mint Museum
The Mint Museum Uptown

To continue serving art to its city, The Mint Museum presents “Tune in” starting mid-September.

The latest creative initiative fabricated by artists at the Art Factory will focus a spotlight on our most valuable cultural assets: artists and museums devastatingly impacted by the 2020 pandemic.

The project will center around an outdoor multimedia diorama created by artist Rick Lazes which will also be exhibited in front of ten US museums commencing at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC this September.

During each exhibition, Lazes and his co-director Aaron Atkinson will work with participating curators to interview and film local artists and other creative individuals in each city to document how they are using their creativity to bring hope and inspiration to others.

Rick has promoted hundreds of concerts and live music festivals and produced TV shows for HBO and Cinemax. He recently directed and produced Tough Love, a documentary film about heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis. The film is narrated by Dr. Dre and premiered at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival.

New Exhibit Mint Museum
Rick Lazes, Part of the New Exhibit at the Mint Museum

The Art Factory is composed of a group of artists who collaborate in several different mediums including sculpture, painting, film, and theater. The mission of the Art Factory is to highlight voices that have been historically underrepresented in the art world.

Six vintage TV screens make up the Tune in installation where a collage of video content is displayed from hundreds of hours of TV programs from the ’50s and 60’s. These video clips come together and break away in sequence to create a digital collage.

“Perhaps if we ‘tune in’ to being present, we can heal some of the divisiveness that has plagued our society and bring people together the way that television brought families together in the 50’s and 60s,” notes the museum.

This new exhibit at The Mint Museum asks us if we can find a balance in our lives and blend the pros and cons of media and technology.

Check out “Tune in” for yourself, starting September 2020, at The Mint.