Thanksgiving Table Topics for your Charlotte Turkey Dinner

With family reunions and designated dish duty upon us, it’s time to start prepping the turkey and appropriate conversation starters. The table is set, new spouses and in-laws have met, so here are some fitting topics to keep dialogue as smooth sailing as the Mayflower.   

Start it off with an icebreaker
Ah, the power of an icebreaker. Making people feel comfortable and dissipating any tension one “what animal would you be” question at a time. Stick to tradition by asking everyone to go around the table and share what they are thankful for.

Recount your last Uber ride
Down to the make and model of the car and your driver’s music genre selection. How deep did you get during your thirteen minute trip to the movie theater? What was the most striking philosophy on life you heard? 

Quantum Physics
If seconds are failing to put polarized relatives to sleep, physics may be the next best thing. Photons, nucleons, fission and fusion… your Uncle Earl will be out before the pecan pie is done baking.

The Weather
When all else fails, the weather won’t. Do we think it’s going to be a rough winter? How about that cold front? This one’s a safe and agreeable subject matter.

Burning Questions about the Mayflower
So here’s what we do know: That big ship that transported the Pilgrims to the New World in 1620. Boring. Who decided whose turn it was to clean up after the animals? What was a woman with PMS to do being cooped up with all other passengers for month after month? How did they pass the time?

The Great Debate: Hallmark Movies
Trash or smash? Prove your worth and that the rusty high school debate trophies in your attic weren’t for nothing. Divide family members into Affirmative and Negative teams. The more dramatic, the better. Make a case for Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade and The Mistletoe Inn.

Charlotte Turkey Dinner
Thanksgiving pie brings us all together

What invention are you most thankful for?
A twist on the classic “what are you thankful for?” question.  

An Old Story
Anecdotal material is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Extra points for anything pertaining to a family vacation, a wedding or an event where the extended family was in attendance. Discussing fond family memories is an effective connector.  

The First School Dance You Attended
This topic alone could span over a century, depending on the demographics of your adult and kid tables. Don’t leave out any details: braces, sartorial choices, location and transportation are all fair game.

Gobble, gobble, gobble, and there you have it. Leave the trivial arguments to the more technical processes of which relative gets to fix their plate first or who says the blessing. Take this time to soak in your gratitude, family and blessings, and enjoy the once-a-year Thanksgiving supper.