Where to Get Your Plants in Charlotte

Blackhawk garden center employee
Photo credit Jamey Price

Charlotte is a city of rapid expansion in every sense of the word, from new eateries and bars to housing developments and offices. Yet, with so much of a focus on the new, we sometimes forget about the city staples that have been here for ages—the businesses that have supported Charlotte locals for generations. That consistency and support is part of what makes Blackhawk Hardware’s Garden Center so special. And why it’s where to get plants in Charlotte.

Blackhawk's Garden Center
Photo credit Jamey Price

In 1976, Blackhawk Hardware found its home in the historic Park Road Shopping Center. It started out as a simple store selling traditional hardware, but soon expanded to include niche selections like kitchenware. Their loyal customer base boomed with the addition of a full garden center.

Unlike big-box garden center counterparts, Blackhawk Hardware’s Garden Center actually feels like a garden. Instead of concrete floors and hordes of duplicate plants, the space feels homier and more grounded. Shoppers can find an array of unique plants hand-chosen by the staff.


In addition to the outdoor plants that everyone knows us for,” notes Garden Center associate and resident green thumb Kebbe Covington, “I want us to have the best indoor plant section in Charlotte…From indoor flowers, plants and succulents to other décor such as pots, planters and statues, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.”

Blackhawk's Garden Center exterior
Blackhawk’s Garden Center – photo credit Jamey Price

Family Owned and Family Feel

Blackhawk Hardware’s space and inventory definitely make them stand apart from the competition, but what truly makes them special is the way they treat their customers. 

“Our Garden Center team members [including Garden Center Manager Sally O’Hare and Assistant Manager Laura Moore], are all experts in plant care and have a passion for what they do,” says Kebbe. “We all thrive on helping customers achieve their goals.”

Blackhawk Hardware takes pride in its roots as a family-owned business. Every decision made by the store’s management is made to benefit both the employees and the customers. 

Blackhawk's Garden Center
Photo credit Jamey Price

“Blackhawk goes the extra mile to take care of their employees,” says Kebbe. “The managers also do an amazing job at hiring hardworking people of all ages… and at promoting employees on merit. It’s a low stress job, because we are all loyal to a company that feels like a family.”

By truly caring about the people in their store, they’ve created an environment where locals aren’t afraid to ask questions and employees are staying on for an average of seven years. Blackhawk Hardware and Garden Center is open seven days a week and welcomes customers new and old with open arms. 

Stop by soon to find out what their experts can do for you. 


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