Product of the Week: Luxury Fairfax Collective Ties from Tabor


This week’s product pick comes from Aaron Price, the operations manager of Tabor. Tabor, one of Laura Vinroot Poole’s high fashion clothing stores, is her take on the southern gentleman’s quintessential shop.

When it comes to winter fashion, Aaron pointed to Fairfax Collective’s ties.

“They make some of the most timelessly beautiful and classic ties in the market today, though they are still relatively unknown,” he explained.

The design of these versatile ties is in line with Tabor’s focus on American-inspired sportswear, though they are actually handmade pieces that come from Japan. They offer a variety of different Fairfax prints and patterns in store.

For more of Tabor’s fashion ideas, visit the shop in Myers Park or go online. You can see more of our product of the week picks here.