South Carolina’s Rustic Hotel Domestique Has Something for Everyone

Hotel Domestique

When planning a weekend getaway, finding the perfect place to stay can prove a daunting task. Thankfully, South Carolina’s Hotel Domestique has it all — a turquoise saltwater pool, a renowned restaurant and cafe, a modern, yet effortlessly cozy atmosphere, and many more amenities that represent luxury at its finest.

Part of Hotel Domestique’s charm is that it was designed by a cyclist, for a cyclist, as George Hincapie’s cycling expeditions and extensive travels inspired much of the hotel’s worldly charm. Located at the base of the serene Blue Ridge Mountains, the Spanish villa-like hotel boasts all the amenities one could desire while on a much-needed weekend hiatus in the Carolinas.

For those seeking action packed outdoor adventures, Hotel Domestique regularly rents out Canyon bikes to guests, along with custom-made routes for cyclists of all skill levels. Guided routes are also available, for a more challenging experience.

Hotel Domestique

Although cycling remains a popular activity for guests, one does not have to travel far for a memorable experience at Hotel Domestique. The hotel’s European-style breakfast features three courses of tasteful fuel for the day, with fresh, flaky pastries and coffee on the daily. For dinner, Restaurant 17, the hotel’s premier eating arena, features innovative plates that seem more like edible art. Utilizing local ingredients from nearby streams and farms, Restaurant 17 marks a critical point of interest for those looking to experience all Hotel Domestique has to offer.

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For maximum relaxation benefits, venture into one of the hotel’s yoga classes to clear the mind and soothe the soul — top it all off with a deep tissue massage and you’re set. Furthering Hotel Domestique’s reputation as a hotspot for all that is R & R are the bedrooms themselves. With rustic hardwood floors, velvety throw blankets and romantic lighting, there only lies one problem: you won’t want to leave. Whether it’s for a family weekend full of adventurous endeavors, or for a best friend’s bachelorette celebration, Hotel Domestique is a one-stop shop for all occasions.

Hotel Domestique