Crepe Cellar Crushes The Smoked Salmon Benny

Crepe Cellar

Crepe Cellar doesn’t hold back when it comes to their Sunday brunch spread.

The menu only happens once a week, so you better believe they take full advantage. And while we’d be remiss not to mention the crepes offered – savory and sweet, done to perfection every time – nine times out of ten, we have to go with the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.

Order a cup of coffee, cozy up in one of the booths by the window, and prepare to brunch properly. The dish comes with the classics – creamy hollandaise and those drippy poached eggs – but the chef adds a little extra with the layers of lox, the fresh baby spinach, and a choice of baguette for bread. The benny is plated with home fries (well, you can choose grits too, but Crepe Cellar goes big with the home fries) and pairs perfectly with just about any brunch cocktail you like best.