Green Brothers Juice Company Brings Local, Healthy Juice to the QC

Green brothers

Josh Norris has a passion for juice. After discovering numerous benefits from cleansing his body with cold pressed juices and smoothies full of protein, fresh fruit and veggies, and more, Norris vowed to share his passion with others. Since 2014, Norris and his two brothers have been serving up the good stuff at Green Brothers Juice, uptown Charlotte’s very own healthful juice hub.

While in college, Norris poured his energy into training for a marathon and, after graduating, an Ironman. After optimizing his body’s full potential, Norris became an avid supporter of what was an essential part of his exercise-related success: nutrition.

“Green Brothers was born out of a passion of wanting to help others experience what I have,” Norris explains. “Training as much as I was puts a microscope on everything you put in your body. You really start to learn about what you need to put in your body to do your best.”

Green brothers

Norris solely uses locally sourced, fresh-as-they-come ingredients for optimal health benefits. Pineapples and apples are cold pressed right in the juice shoppe, a “labor of love” Norris is happy to take on. For a refreshing juice before work, try the “Recover Me,” a blend of watermelon, coconut water, apple, beets, lemon, and himalayan crystal salt.

For a superfood concoction, go for the “Green Hornet,” which holds spinach, almond milk, banana, peanut butter, broccoli, and spirulina. The premier juicery also offers cleanse packages, perfect for the Charlottean looking for a long term relationship with juice.

“Throughout the cleansing process your allowing your digestive system to rest,” Norris informs. “I’ve never slept better than when on a juice cleanse. I had a lot of energy, more mental clarity, and felt light and energetic.”

In addition to cold pressed juices and smoothies, Green Brothers also offers “shots,” (the kind that you won’t regret taking). The spicy “Cold Busta” is bound to wake up the tastebuds, and energize the body, with its blend of lemon, ginger, garlic, jalapeño, beet, turmeric, and oreganol, and cayenne.

Whether it’s to fulfill a long winded desire to be healthier, or simply for a recovery boost after a post-work workout, Norris urges locals to jump on the juice trend, sharing that, “it’s amazing what happens when small changes are implemented into your life in a healthy way.”