Haberdish’s Smoked Deviled Eggs Take It To The Next Level


The food from Haberdish, like this take on deviled eggs, is a nod to NoDa’s historic roots: The eatery was inspired by the mill town culture and cooking it was built upon.

Influenced by migrants from the rural piedmonts and Appalachian Mountains, the mill town became a potluck of flavors and techniques—all brought together by Haberdish. Served up family-style with your choice of craft cocktails, Haberdish elevates even the simplest of foods to something reminiscent of the fresh flavors of the historic South.

With perfectly smoked egg whites, fresh chives, and smoked paprika, Haberdish’s Smoked Deviled Eggs are a prime example. Sink your teeth into the creamy filling as the egg bursts with a subtle smokiness. The paprika coats your mouth with just the right amount of heat, and the chives add the perfect crunch to make each bite of this dish even better than the last. Order a shareable platter alongside a cocktail to sample these unique Southern flavors for yourself.