Cozy Up At The Bar With Haymaker CLT’s Endless Summer

Haymaker CLT
Haymaker Endless Summer Photo by Kyo Nam

The bar team at Haymaker in Charlotte has a lot working in their favor just from the aesthetic alone: it’s leather-studded, navy blue, and stylishly circular, in case you have yet to seen it. But don’t be fooled, this crew serves up a memorable mixed drink once you’ve pulled up a seat. The “Endless Summer” is a deceptively simple cocktail served in a humble glass. El Jimador tequila meets the house-made cherry red grenadine, spiked with a little Trinidadian Angostura bitters to add depth to the flavor profile. Garnished with a bite of citrus from fresh lime, this is a brightly colored, crisp way to inject a little fun into what will be a seriously delicious dinner.