Paleo Local


The Paleo lifestyle has many benefits from stabilizing blood sugar to burning more stored fats, to even helping with inflammation, improving sleep patterns and fighting degenerative diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and neurological problems.  But eating as our hunter-gatherer ancestors did, with leaner meats, more fruits and vegetables, and healthier fats like nuts, seeds, and avocados is difficult. Refined fats like vegetable oil must be replaced by olive oil, or coconut oil.  Processed foods and refined sugars must be avoided at all cost.  But, this is a dilemma when temptation faces the consumer on every aisle at the grocery store.

In the beginning, it was a conscious effort for Amber Lewis too. Lewis worked in the corporate world but decided a lifestyle change was needed.  She and her husband moved back to North Carolina and settled in Charlotte where they started a boot camp program.  “As I adopted and lived the Paleo lifestyle, I couldn’t tell enough people. My friends would cringe when the subject of nutrition came up because they knew I was going to go into a diatribe,” says Lewis.  “But I am a huge evangelist for this way of life.”

Seeing the health and physical benefits first hand, Lewis opened modPALEO, a pre-packaged meal service that makes it easy for consumers to try something new and beneficial. “My aim,” says Lewis “is to build a healthy community [while] supporting the local economy.”  modPALEO takes on the role of hunter/gatherer and does the footwork for the customer.  Utilizing the best producers and the highest quality food, Lewis relies on local farmers.  Beef and pork come from Hickory Nut Gap in Asheville, chicken from The Poultry Junction in Stanley, NC; and vegetables from Rosemary Pete, Charlotte; Barbee Farms, Concord; and Eastern Carolina Organics, the Carolinas. The spices used come from the Savory Spice Shop in Charlotte.

The modPALEO process is easy.  To order, you go online and look at the week’s meals, then choose the desired portion size and meal plan.  The menu is extensive with mouthwatering items, such as Korean Beef with Fried Vegetables, Coconut Curry Beef with Sweets and Apples, Pork Bolognese with Butternut and Turnip Pasta, Chicken Broccoli and Cheese Casserole, and Black Cherry Tart for dessert. Staff chef Trenda Boone loves experimenting with new ingredients and changing traditional recipes into paleo ones.   

This is a seventeen people show, working 40-60 hours per week to make this operation happen,” says Lewis.  “Our week begins on Monday when we accept our meat and vegetable deliveries/pickups. We drive to Asheville to drop off food each Monday and then prep, cook, and package our food Tuesday-Thursday.  Distribution takes place Friday mornings and continues on Saturday and Monday.”  The operation is intense but Lewis feels very fortunate to work with amazing artisans. “We have been incredibly lucky to attract such awesome talent,” she says.

modPALEO’’s goal is to continue expanding within the Carolinas, to help grow the local economy, to use Johnson and Wales students as interns (of which they currently have four), and to make it easier for those wanting to embrace a paleo lifestyle to do so.  For more info visit to