Sophia’s Lounge Brings Together Great Food and Sophisticated Cocktails

Sophia's Lounge

Sophia’s Lounge: From the same trio that brought the iconic 5Church to Charlotte, their new upscale venture with the Ivey’s Hotel features great food, innovative cocktails, and a trendy setting perfect for date night and intimate social gatherings.

Patrick Whalen, Alejandro Torio, and Chef Jamie Lynch recently opened Sophia’s Lounge in Uptown Charlotte with the intention of bringing the Queen City an “upscale, comfortable, service oriented, and fun” space with an emphasis on both food and drink, without being solely a restaurant or a bar. The owners of the Ivey’s Hotel designed the lounge and describe the style as “opulence meets a touch of vintage and vibrant European flair.”

Sophia's Lounge

Each section of the lounge is named after Queen Charlotte’s daughters and highlights different furniture, styles, and artworks. Partnering with the hotel seemed a natural fit for the two partners due to their likeminded approach to service and quality. It also allowed for the lounge’s optimal location — right on Fifth St. directly next to their premier establishment, 5Church.

In regards to the cuisine, Chef Jamie is given full authority when it comes to curating the menu. There isn’t a specific type of cuisine featured on the menu, but the dishes are influenced by Jamie’s experiences cooking in New York City. Mid-size shared plates such as Cucumber Bruschetta, Maine Lobster Sliders, Lamb Tartare, and Filet Mignon Toast reflect the sophisticated atmosphere of the lounge. The majority of produce is sourced from various farms and farmers markets right here in Charlotte as well.

As for the cocktails, master mixologist and sommelier Patricia Smith, has created a special drinks list for the lounge. Compared to the cocktails at 5Church, the ones offered at Sophia’s are more sophisticated, more time consuming to prepare, and features takes on already loved “spirit-driven” drinks, such as Negronis and Sazeracs.

“​​I like to spin classics, present them in a way people have not seen before or add a new ingredient,” she explains.

Her favorite cocktail on the menu is The Last Word — gin, chartreuse, lime juice, and luxardo maraschino cherry liqueur. Ordering drinks from an extensive cocktail list may be daunting for some, but Patricia makes sure her audience feels comfortable regardless of what they’re ordering.

Sophia's Lounge

“I just want people to drink what they like and if we can help find them a new favorite that is awesome but if they want to drink their go to, we will happily make that for them as well,” she elaborates.

Whether you’re there for the food, the drinks, the service, or the ambiance, Sophia’s Lounge is Charlotte’s newest hot spot for a memorable evening that’ll keep you coming back.  

Sophia's Lounge
All photos by Justin Driscoll