Phase 3 in NC – What To Know & How to Support

Phase 3 NC
Phase 3 NC - here are the details

While North Carolina will remain in Phase Two for a little while longer, many people are wondering what the next phase, Phase 3, will look like as we prepare for this next transition.

Here’s what you can expect and how to help support our local businesses and the larger community during another state-wide adjustment.

Phase 3

The final phase will entail:

Lessened restrictions for vulnerable populations with encouragement to continue practicing social distancing.

Allow increased capacity at restaurants, bars, other businesses, houses of worship, and entertainment venues.

Further increase the number of people allowed at gatherings

Continue rigorous restrictions on nursing homes and congregate care settings

The plan is that this phase would last four to six weeks after Governor Cooper and his team have decided that Phase 2 is working well enough. For now, however, Governor Cooper has issued a mandatory order to wear face masks in public in order to get our numbers down.   

Like we laid out in our article about Phase 2, many local retailers have been hit hard by this pandemic and are facing some serious problems.

While in Phase 3 many of these retailers will be able to open like bowling alleys or movie theaters, some might not make it to the moment when that becomes an option. The Neighborhood Theatre, which has been a staple of the Charlotte community for years, has been threatened by the rapidly changing economy to the point where it has almost had to close its doors for good.

But thanks to the charitable contributions from Charlotte natives it has been able to keep its doors, proverbially, open a little bit longer.

Many local retailers who are facing this same dilemma and have set up measures to remain open. So, what can you do? Like in Phase 2, many restaurants have set themselves up for delivery.

Order some takeout and tip well. Remember that the people who make or deliver the food are facing some serious economic difficulties since not as many people can traffic the stores.

You can continue to support local charities that have been designed to help get the city back on its feet. There are so many that are aimed at keeping local businesses afloat, helping the needy, and more. This list details many of these charitable efforts.

Until the day that Charlotte is able to get fully up and running, stay safe and help out your fellow man.