Pawleys Island is The South Carolina seaside sporting destination for true enthusiasts

Pawley's Island
Photos by Jamey Price

On the south end of the Grand Strand sits Pawleys Island, a picturesque seaside destination beloved by locals and visitors alike.

It’s all lowcountry island vibes, with pristine marshland, palmettos, and Cypress cottages. The food on the island is phenomenal, from the quaint Chive Blossom cafe to the fresh seafood dives that abound and the nightlife is quintessentially Carolina, with live blues and plenty of beers at places like the Island Tavern and Clubhouse Pub.

The real draw of spending time here, however, is a little quieter: Pawleys is place where, if you appreciate the land and sea, you can hardly even make yourself go indoors. Only 30 minutes south of Myrtle Beach, Pawleys is a whole different world: an untouched escape that outdoor enthusiasts sing the praises of to no end. And here’s the thing: Pawleys has it all, from rolling dunes and wide beaches to sea duck hunting and the type of fly fishing you can’t get out of your head the rest of the year.

Here are 5 outdoor activities that allow you to fully soak up all this unique place has to offer:

Pawleys Island

Golf: For the more leisurely side of sporting, Pawleys has gorgeously maintained courses, including the Pawleys Plantation Country Club, Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, and River Club. They provide Lowcountry scenery a-plenty and all the golf amenities you could desire.

Barrier Island Duck Hunting: The guides have been charting the waters of the South Carolina for over 25 years, and the guided sea duck hunts are a (seasonal) adrenal rush you can’t find everywhere. The opportunity to bring down a duck or three from a charted boat off the coast is quintessentially Lowcountry.

Fly Fishing: There’s several opportunities for guided and solo fly fishing in Pawleys, including Living Water Guide Service’s many offerings. The experts tell us there’s been a run of big redfish lately, and several trips have brought in 30-pounders. You’ll want a boat to get the most out of the fly fishing, so you can fully explore all the waterways, from beaches and inlets to creeks and jetties.  

Pawleys Island

Deep Sea Fishing: As plentiful as the fly fishing is, the deep sea fishing opportunities abound here as well. It’s a chance to experiment with different types of fishing tackle and gear, and there’s a dozen charters that all cover inshore and deep sea for the Pawleys. Perhaps the best part is the expertise you’ll encounter; the seasoned fisherman are founts of knowledge for newbies and experts alike.

Sailing Charters: The sailing charters are perhaps one of the most picturesque ways to enjoy the outdoors of Pawleys. You can choose from full and half days, and sunset sails. The view of Pawleys from the sea is unbeatable.