Thoughts From Charlotteans: Erin McDermott of Erin McDermott Jewelry

Erin McDermott Jewelry

From the QCE Team: In moments of change, we are always moved to see the connections, big and small, amongst and between people. This series, we feature the thoughts of Charlotteans: How they’re navigating these times, what’s hard, what’s easy, and what’s next. This edition we feature Erin McDermott of Erin McDermott Jewelry.

Erin designs and handcrafts stylish, modern takes on timeless classics. As an artist at heart, Erin has an undeniable talent. She is also one of the most genuinely kind and open people we’ve met. Erin is quick to compliment, generous, and sweetly funny. Check out her work, and help support her local, built-from-the-bottom-up business.

Jewelry Kits

“We all know it has been such a crazy/scary time for small businesses. For me, it has given me the opportunity to pivot quickly. As a result, we’ve had to think outside the box. We’ve had to think about what people might need at this exact moment. I thought about all of the kiddos who would be home needing activities to keep them entertained. I started making “jewelry making kits” for kids and in just six days, we have sold over 800 kits by posting on instagram and Facebook.

I am so grateful for the community that we have built that have continued to support us during this time. My husband and I are both still working from home and have our three little girls at home with us, too. It’s total chaos at the house every hour of the day. I’m typically packing boxes and making jewelry in the kitchen, and he’s running around the house with a baby on his hip on a conference call. Complete madness.

Erin McDermott Jewelry

It’s times like these that you need them most of all, and I’m humbled and grateful that they continue to be by my side.

Focus Since The Beginning

Since I started this business, my main focus has been to offer women jewelry they can wear every day. Therefore, we try to make them for all occasions at totally affordable prices. It doesn’t matter if they  have a business meeting, running errands, or carpool. Even if they’re just hanging out at home, or they’re on a date, going to yoga, or traveling, we have jewelry for them.

I love that women have been able to feel good about throwing on a pair of earrings even if they are just at home. I’ve had so many women text me photos of them in sweats and a pair of our earrings. Or in their favorite PJ’s and wearing a few of our necklaces layered together.

Most importantly, I’m just grateful for the community that I have built over the past 12 years. It’s times like these that you need them most of all, and I’m humbled and grateful that they continue to be my side.”

You can keep up with our sales, jewelry kits and everyday life on instagram: @erinmcdermott1 and