Laca Projects

Neely Verano
Neely Verano

Despite the challenges facing art galleries today, Charlotte’s art scene has continued to grow.  Alongside the traditional, the modern, and the whimsical, a unique gallery called LaCa Projects has risen.  LaCa Projects is dedicated to the “presentation, development, and promotion of Latin American art and culture.”  

Located at 1429 Bryant Street, LaCa Projects opened March 2013.   As Gallery Director, Neely Verano works hard.  Having embarked on a career that is both challenging and rewarding, Verano is constantly learning.  “This is a new stage in my career,” she says.  “One that is a little uncomfortable, but I welcome that discomfort because it means I’m growing.”  Limited in curation and Latin American art, Verano doesn’t allow this to hinder her handling of the gallery.  

According to Verano, “the traditional model of art galleries isn’t necessarily working anymore, so this summer we will open an artist studio for Latin American-artist residences and a café.”  The term “projects encompass our vision,” explains Verano, “to be a center for art, dialogue, education, and cross-cultural promotion – a bridge between people with a focus on Latin America.”

With these plans in mind, the gallery space is perfect.  At 4,000 square feet large with another 7,000 square feet to house the café and studios, there is a great deal of wall and floor space which “translates to tremendous flexibility and adds to the dynamism of the gallery,” says Verano. With the focus on contemporary art, LaCa Projects will also feature modern works.  “What you will not find are many native or traditional representational works of Latin American culture,” explains Verano.  “We feel this propels the myths and limited perspectives that exist about Latin American art and culture.”  

With big dreams ahead, the LaCa Projects goal centers around becoming an acclaimed and international resource for Latin American culture while supporting and promoting Latin American art and artists.

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