What’s Making These Local Charlotteans Happy Right Now

Charlotte Interior Design
Charlotte Interior Design Firm Black Dove

We asked Charlotteans a simple question: What is making you happy right now?

Amber Cagle of Black Dove Interiors
1. Sunshine
2. The goodness of humanity shining through in our community
3. Work
4. The blooming flowers and trees
5. The birds singing

Tiffany Parrish of Selenite Beauty
1. Family walks around the neighborhood.
2. FaceTime dates with friends.
3. Baking with my 3 year old.
4. Kind encouraging messages from customers.
5. Beautiful spring blooms.

Bradley Rhyne and Filipe Ho Ole Mason Jar
Bradley Rhyne and Filipe Ho, OMJ Clothing

Bradley Rhyne of Ole Mason Jar
1.My kids.
2. My wife.
3. Cherry blossom trees that are blooming.
4. Bourbon.
5. Spring weather.

Brandon Lawn, Real Estate Agent 
1. That my family is feeling well.
2. My children have respect for the crisis and are cooperating with the mandates for everyone’s safety.
3. That we live in the greatest country in the world.
4. That Charlotte has a strong business climate that is poised for a strong business recovery after the eradication of COVID-19.
5. I’m glad to be part of a city like Charlotte with it’s continual spirit and optimism no matter what issues or concerns are presented. My take on life is that I prefer to look up and not down. To look forward and not back. And to look out and not in.

Amy Vermillion of Amy Vermillion Interiors
1) Waking up with Dolly Doodle.
2) FaceTime cocktail hour with friends.
3) Having so many people reach out to see how I’m doing.
4) Tiger King on Netflix.
5) Being of service to my 85-year-old mom by running her errands and bringing her groceries.

Windy O'Connor, Charlotte Artist
Windy O’Connor, Charlotte Artist

Windy O’Connor, Artist
1. The magical sunsets this week.
2. Watching movies with my son and daughter.
3. Painting and creating.
4. Having time to connect with friends.
5. Having more time to focus on alist that I have been neglecting has made me so happy.

Nicole H. Sodoma,  Sodoma Law
1. The resiliency of our clients and their families.
2. The creative, fearless problem-solving from our team as we go virtual.
3. Coffee.
4. Watching our community come together.
5. Pets can’t make coffee, but it turns out they make great coworkers.

Bob Peters, Charlotte’s Expert Mixologist
1. Spending tons of time with my wife and daughter.
2. Finding toilet paper in the super market.
3. Chef Jamie Lynch on Top Chef All Stars.
4. I’m doing a Virtual Happy Hour with Unpretentious Palate Tuesday March 31st at 6 p.m.
5. Reposting interviews with some of my favorite Charlotte bartenders on my Instagram, because I miss them.

Jamie and Jeff
Jamie Brown and Jeff Tonidandel

Jamie Brown, Restaurateur
1. Planting herbs with my kids.
2. That we are getting ready to disperse money we’re raising on Go Fund Me to some of our workers.
3. That the CARE Act looks promising.
4. Bike rides with my kids on these gorgeous Charlotte spring days.
5. I’m allowing myself to sleep in til 7!
6. My kids are doing fabulously figuring out all the technology for homeschooling… on their own.

James Helms from RK Motors
1. My dogs.
2. Getting to sit on the porch and watch the sunset with my fiance.
3. Working with my cat on my lap.
4. Being able to play whatever music I want when I work.
5. Having time to get home projects done.

Lindsey Anvik of Babe & Butcher
1. Paying my employees from my savings instead of having them file for unemployment.
2. Working to coordinate getting food to seniors once we launch our individual packs.
3. Riding my bike on a remote path.
4. Talking with friends I haven’t spoken with in so long but have greatly missed.
5. Reading for pleasure for the first time in a while.
6. Perfecting my focaccia recipe.

Jayson Whiteside of Bardo
1. Getting to hang with the coolest 5 year old on the planet.
2. Seeing my beautiful wife for more than an hour a day.
3. Hiking the neighborhood trail
4.  Grilling out
5.  Tiger King

Rick Lazes, Developer and Artist 
1. I brought a couple of my horses up from West Virginia and one of the things that’s been making me happy this week is going riding with Angel.
2. Another thing is spending quality time with my daughter Claire who’s been in quarantine for two weeks after coming home from Spain where she was in a study abroad program.
3. Third is spending time in my art studio and working on my glass sculpture.
4. I’m feeling grateful that I’m in good health and haven’t been affected by the virus
5. Having the companionship of my faithful dog Ivy.
6. And if I can share sixth thing, what makes me really happy this week is the view from my backyard

Share with your fellow local Charlotteans – what are some simple things making you happy at home right now?