The Altruistic Artist: Victoria Schweizer

Victoria Schweitzer
Victoria Schweitzer

Victoria Schweizer has had a multitude of life experiences that would equal that of ten women. No profession or hobby is off limits for Victoria, and in her current life chapter, she has decided to add professional artist to her repertoire. Although she has always had an eye for art and a creative hand, she has only recently decided to sell and donate her art. As no surprise to anyone who knows her, she not only survives in her new role, she thrives. This current chapter for Victoria takes place here in Charlotte, where a group of friends and a job opportunity at NASCAR were her reasons for moving from New York City.

“I moved here in May of last year and couldn’t love a city more. I was immediately surrounded by wonderful new friends and felt very welcomed.”

After dabbling as a lawyer, movie co-producer, publicist, and broker a simple birthday card drawing for a friend awoke her dormant inner artist. She started private commission portraits after that through word of mouth before painting and selling her first celebrity portrait in a gallery in New York.

“I painted a 36” x 60” portrait of Lady GaGa and put it up in my NYC gallery the morning of its grand opening party and it wasn’t but an hour later someone walking by had come in and purchased it. I was incredibly flattered and happy it found a home so quickly.”

Victoria primarily uses acrylic paint for her portraits but from time to time she will also throw in some ink, watercolor, or mixed media elements like newspaper. Her upcoming show of celebrity portraits includes mug shots of celebrities as well as a variety of other celebrity paintings. Her recent move to Charlotte has inspired some country musician celebrity paintings.

To add to her list of many hobbies and passions, Victoria Schwiezer donates a lot of her time to charities. To date, she has donated over 50 paintings to several different charities and has raised over $250,000 for them. When asked her favorites to donate to she says, “I love working with Make a Wish Foundation and St. Jude since both deal with little kids. I’ll pretty much do anything to bring a little bit of happiness to a child dealing with a terminal illness.”

Her mission is to be able to continue to paint and donate her works to silent auctions worldwide. Half of her proceeds from all of her private commissions go to charities of the buyers choice and she continues to raise awareness, organize charity events, and donate money to a variety of charities worldwide.

Including Victoria, no one is quite sure what the future holds for this budding new talent, but one cannot dispute the happiness we feel when viewing her work and participating in her causes with every purchase.

“I’’ve had a few ups and downs in my life and that’s why painting brings me such joy. I’ve used it as a therapeutic tool to get me back to center, seen my artwork raise much needed funds for great charities and more importantly, bring a smile to so many faces.”

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