Elevate your space with some of the best Subzero kitchen offerings

luxury kitchen appliances

Due to last year’s lockdown, the kitchen became one of the most utilized rooms in our homes. Well, despite maybe the living room where we spent copious hours watching Netflix.

Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove just released their new generation luxury kitchen appliances that are sure to elevate any kitchen and make it the envy of all who gather there. Unsure how they made these products better than they were before? Check it out below for some inspiration.

Dual Fuel Ranges (2021)

The new generation Wolf Dual Fuel Range combines professional heritage, stunning aesthetic, and innovative performance into one bold cooking package. Its durable construction and intuitive features ensure every home chef can enjoy guesswork-free cooking and predictably delicious results for decades.

best Subzero kitchen
Check out some of the best Subzero kitchen

Induction Ranges (2021)

The new generation Wolf Induction Range was completely redesigned—from top to bottom—to provide a sleek alternative to the professional-style range. No more red knobs. Refined, clean lines. And a sleek, completely integrated touch-control panel on top. It is the historic and unparalleled performance of the Wolf range in a modern shell. Check out the gourmet kitchen in one of our old features, completely made up on Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove appliances here.

luxury kitchen appliances

Designer Undercounter (2021)

This new diverse collection offers luxurious convenience and unmatched style while precisely preserving food, wine, beverages—even cosmetics—around your home. Featuring fully customizable exteriors and assorted functions, it is truly “anywhere refrigeration” that seamlessly and beautifully integrates into any space. 

luxury kitchen appliances

E Series Ovens (2021)

The new generation Wolf E Series Built-In Ovens feature enhanced cooking performance inside, and cleaner, design-friendly aesthetics outside. Their advanced dual convection system and chef-tested modes—including effortless Gourmet Mode—ensure consistently delicious results, while two distinct designs integrate seamlessly in kitchens of many styles.

best Subzero kitchen offerings

If you’re interested in learning more about any of the above luxury kitchen appliances, or learning more about other amazing products Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove has to offer, you can make an appointment to visit the Charlotte Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove showroom at their new SouthEnd location here.

While there, you will have an immersive experience to help you realize the possibilities of your future kitchen. In a no-pressure environment, you can work hands-on with a knowledgeable consultant and discover the appliances by turning knobs, opening drawers and igniting flames. You’ll realize what the kitchen of your dreams will truly feel like, before ever leaving the shop.

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