Holly Hollingsworth Phillips Masters A Transitional Space

Holly Hollingsworth Phillips
Holly Hollingsworth Phillips interior

Holly Hollingsworth Phillips is a design force in the Charlotte area, and with her mother, Nancy, she owns and runs a full-service interior design firm in Myers Park called The English Room. When you step inside her office, you’re met with purples, pinks, blues, metallics, patterns, textures… it’s brilliantly decked-out, and seamlessly aligned, a true statement piece and a rightful testament to Holly’s best work.

Yet, it’s the hallway leading into the office that caught our eye: It’s a master class in making the most of a transitional space. Commanding and eye-catching on its own, the hall serves as the perfect springboard for the complexity of Holly’s work space housed right through the doorway.

The hall embodies her signature layering technique for which she’s become known; the colors are bold and impactful, offset by the choice of the Farrow & Ball wallpaper. The table is an antique, as is the Moroccan rug Holly purchased on a trip to Morocco. The collection of Iris Apfel paintings are from her personal collection, rendered by a variety of local and emerging artists. This is a hallway in which you’ll find yourself inadvertently lingering.