Saving Space At Home With Charlotte’s Own Pheasant Hill Designs

Pheasant Hill Designs

Lakefront properties tend to follow a common, lake-oriented theme. Kendra White of Pheasant Hill Designs went another route, though, when starting from scratch on a kitchen for a family with half a dozen kids on Lake Norman. Kendra carefully took their interests — and their family size — into mind while crafting a warm and natural atmosphere.

Other facets of the home were incorporated into the kitchen to create a cohesive flow. The brick-covered facade of the house led to muted brick walls in the kitchen. As the kitchen and living area are a conjoined space, the light gray cabinetry continues into the family room and out to their patio doors to prevent an “abrupt end.” The additional storage space is infused with a desk and two refrigerated drawers for snacks. The 72-inch refrigerator and freezer to right of the oven are disguised, resembling two beautiful pantry doors. The shelves are occupied with Zen-like accessories and preserved greens. A white marble countertop coats the dark gray island and black honed granite protects the perimeter countertops.

The warmth originates from the brick and the custom copper hood over the stove, designed by Kendra herself. The copper stands as a great focal point and complementary texture against the brick. Despite the detachment from the lakeside theme, wood, metal, and twine quadrilateral light fixtures hang above the island like a gilded lobster trap. Natural light completes the warm aesthetic, falling into the kitchen from the rounded window over the stainless steel sink.

The home by the lake is now a “collected” piece thanks to Pheasant Hill Designs. All of the mingled textures and magnified space generates an earthy, personalized kitchen suitable for a large family.

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