The Art of Interior Design with Natalie Tyler of Tyler Interiors

Tyler interiors

Founder of Tyler Interiors, Natalie Tyler is a full-time mother, wife, and entrepreneur. Her full-service residential design firm started on a whim after Natalie had nurtured an interest in interior design nearly half her life and decided it was now time to bring that passion into a career. As a mother to two young boys, Tyler understands the importance of form and function in a home firsthand, and she helms a design firm that embodies this same mission for her clients. 

 What drew you to interior design?

For nearly 20 years on my own, I’ve quietly studied interiors. I read countless magazines, articles, books… It’s impossible for me to walk into a space, commercial or residential, and not “study” the details throughout. When I walked through the process of my personal home renovations, it ignited a fire that at the time I didn’t fully understand. Now having taken the leap, I wouldn’t choose it any other way! 

What is the most rewarding part of designing a home for you?

The impact it makes in our clients’ lives. Interior design is so much more than pretty spaces; it’s curating with intention so each space aligns with the lifestyle of those living within. 

Natalie Tyler

How would you describe your own design style?

Having grown up in the South, I will always respect the beauty of classic architecture and furniture; however, within the last 5-10 years, my curiosity towards modernized interiors has grown. My eye is drawn to hard, clean lines and funky accents. I love blending classic and modern elements together, however, I’m comfortable adding unique, unexpected elements to mix it up even more. 

When you interact with a client, what sources of inspiration do you draw from? What is the client process like at Tyler Interiors? 

My source of inspiration depends on the client’s story. We are all writing our life stories, and I want to make sure our projects are an extension of the pages uniquely written. Home is very intimate and personal; and when a client welcomes us into their world, we take it very seriously. We’re building relationships on trust and faith, so we do not hold back. 

Tyler interiors

Most of your designs emphasize clean lines and functionality. How do you balance style and crispness within a design? 

Our tagline at Tyler Interiors is “fresh, functional designs with modern flair.” Another phrase potential clients will hear me say is, “cozy, clean lines.” I believe clean lines help modernize a space without being too trendy. I add “cozy layers” with textiles, accents, and accessories, and I strongly believe style and function can coexist within the home of an active family. I show our clients how to balance the two. Whether it be in furnishings, hard selections, or integrated patterns, clean lines are consistent across our projects. 

How do you maintain the balance of small business ownership?

Is it difficult, absolutely! Balance looks different for everyone, and I’m no exception when I say I’m slowly trying to figure it out. Before I started this business, I never thought I would put my name and “business woman” in the same sentence. Thankfully, I’m blessed with the opportunity to own a business within my passion so motivation comes naturally. But, because of my passion, I have to force myself to pull away and devote time to my family.