Charlotte’s Top Juice Bars to Kickstart Your New Wellness Routine

Juice Bars
Viva Raw

As Charlotte residents pay more and more attention to their wellness, local companies have found unique ways to revitalize the juice cleanse concept.

Juice cleanses aren’t exactly new. At some point, we’ve all asked ourselves what counts as the opposite of a greasy cheeseburger or some other deliciously terrible treat. While health and wellness experts have long since pointed to greater servings of fruits and vegetables as a way to improve your health, few people actually commit to eating these servings daily. So, why not drink them?

Gone are the days of gagging down a chunky blend of green goo in the name of health. Instead, stop by any of these Charlotte juice bars to try fresh-pressed juices that taste just as good as they makes you feel.

Smooth Monkey
Smooth Monkey

Smooth Monkey:
Located in Plaza Midwood, Smooth Monkey Juice Shop offers delicious Açai bowls with flavors including a banana açai, pineapple açai, and a sweet açai, with the additional option to build your own bowl. If you are in the mood for something on-the-go, consider one of their hearty smoothies. Menu options for smoothies range from Youthful Glow Green to Choco Coffee. It is important to note what really separates this juice shop apart from their competition. The main reason being their use of all-natural ingredients. Additionally, Smooth Monkey Juice Shop is the first healthy option of its kind in the area.

Juice Box:
Juice Box Charlotte has a philosophy that the body can be healed, diseases can be cured, and that blood pressure and cholesterol levels can be lowered naturally. Juice Box is an all-natural smoothie and juice bar without any additives included in their beverages. On top of selling delightful smoothies and cold-pressed juices, they do also serve food options such as strawberry, almond, or avocado toast and herbal supplements. The foods they serve and the ingredients that go into their smoothies and juices are all locally grown, allowing Juice Box Charlotte to support their community.

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Viva Raw:
Located in Uptown Charlotte, Viva Raw believes in experiencing the raw, exciting moments life has to offer. To help their customers do so, they promote healthy living at every opportunity. Created by nature lovers, avid runners and health gurus, Viva Raw brings you refreshing juice blends with no added preservatives or unnatural flavoring. By creating seasonal juices based on what local farmers are growing, you know everything they sell is harvested at peak freshness. Look out for their Tuk Tuk juice truck to pick up a sample, or order their juice online to start one of their three cleanses.

Living Kitchen
Living Kitchen

Living Kitchen:

Living Kitchen is a 100% organic restaurant that creates a wide range of flavorful plant-based dishes—but, they don’t stop there. Living Kitchen also features a cold press juicer that extracts fruit and vegetable juice without heating or oxidizing it. This process keeps the juice fresher for longer and makes it easier for the body to digest. If you’re ready for a custom juice cleanse that’ll be easy on your body, Living Kitchen has you covered. Visit their store in South End to try their citrus blend Volcano or their kale and apple Gateway to Green.


Green Brothers
Green Brothers

Green Brothers:
It’s not always easy to find healthy food you actually love. Green Brothers aims to change that. With one location in Dilworth and two in Uptown, Green Brothers is making healthy eating more accessible than ever. They’ve quickly become one of Charlotte’s go-to spots for fresh-pressed juices, acai bowls and superfood smoothies. Want to start a cleanse that suits your schedule? Green Brothers sells cleanses that can last up to five days or just until dinnertime. 

Clean Juice
Clean Juice

Clean Juice:
Before growing into the juice bar giant it is today, Clean Juice first opened in Birkdale Village near Lake Norman. Since then, the company has spread throughout the country, working hard to bring 100% organic juices and foods to communities everywhere. By selling all things healthy, from acai bowls and kid’s smoothies to cold-pressed juices and wellness shots, you’re sure to find something you love in their store. Stop by one of their Charlotte locations to start a juice cleanse that works with your schedule.

I Love Juice Bar: The Charlotte location of this Southern-born brand is decidedly on point. One of our favorites is the Pineapple Greens with cucumber, pineapple, mint, kale, spinach, parsley, and lemon, for a refreshing, micronutrient-packed punch. They also offer juiced shots that full of ingredients for your unique needs, from the “Hangover Helper” to the “Allergy Shot.”

The Lights
The Lights

The Lights:
Each juice on this cafe’s menu was carefully crafted based on its ability to provide specific health benefits, from fueling an active day to helping balance blood sugar. In addition to a full food menu, you can order a cold-pressed drink, organic smoothie, or smoothie bowl any day of the week. Everything on the menu is organic, and much of the produce is locally-sourced, too.

Juice Now CLT: Juice Now is a cute little grab-and-go spot on South Boulevard, with everything you could want from this type of shop. The juices are all organic, and the options are vast and unique, like the “Pink Lady” with red cabbage, lemon, and pear. You can grab a smoothie, energy shot, or treat on the go, too, to pair with your nutrition-packed beverage of choice.

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